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Gringo’s June-November affair

I refer, not to the mystery woman angle, but to what we can call the mysteriously delayed arrest. It turns out that the "big break" the military needed to track renegade ex-senator Gringo Honasan down fell on its lap last June. Why did it take agents of the Intelligence Service of the AFP five months to invite the police to finally serve Honasan’s warrant of arrest?

Today’s Star quotes an unnamed source (in general, media coverage of the arrest and its aftermath has been based on an embarrassment of unnamed sources, yes?):

Sources said the breakthrough leading to Honasan’s capture actually came in June, four months after the former senator went into hiding after he was again implicated in the foiled coup attempt that was supposed to be launched during the EDSA People Power anniversary celebration last Feb. 24 …

The source said acting on the information provided by Honasan’s former associates, the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) immediately assigned two units from the Military Intelligence Group, MIG-21 and MIG-24 to track down the former senator.

After it was established that Honasan was regularly visiting a townhouse in Greenmeadows, an intricate trap was laid out to corner the fugitive.

How intricate? It took them five months to spring it.

First-day coverage also produced an admission (from an unnamed source, if I remember correctly) that military agents had spotted Honasan in his mother’s house in Industrial Valley, in Marikina, but declined to launch a raid out of deference for Honasan’s family. A self-incriminating slip, if you think about it. The source had probably wanted to impress upon the reporter (my apologies, but I cannot find the story or its link) that the Gringo-on-the-lam situation was well under control; instead, we have yet more proof that the military, as much as it can, takes care of its own.


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