Fight night

Again, on the eve of another Manny Pacquiao fight, the website of choice is Pacland. Unlike the first fight with Erik Morales, this third bout (or "stanza," in the sportswriter’s easily parodied lingo) seems to enjoy a consensus among analysts and fans alike. This page gives one a good idea of the conventional wisdom. (Don’t skip the lively comments thread.)

It seems more than one sportswriter thinks the only way for El Terrible to win is to go for a knockout in the first five rounds. I’m not too sure about that; if I remember right, Erik has always been a slow starter. But as the efficient, incisive Quinito Henson has noted, Morales has the edge in strategy. He just might make a slam-bang opening round happen.

Tiger Boxing has a lengthy, well-considered appreciation of the Pacquiao-Morales trilogy.



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2 responses to “Fight night

  1. Enjoyed the reports from Pacquiao’s training camp. Quoted from it.

  2. Howie, just saw what you did with the “quote.” I am embarrassed as hell, but that won’t stop me from telling other friends about it. Thanks! You are too generous.

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