Our Portnoy, but who’s complaining?

Meet Christine, este, Kristen (accent, please, on the second syllable). Hopping from blog to blog early this morning, I lit on Happy Slip, which contains brutally hilarious takes on Fil-Am life. Yes, it’s the (very good-looking) Second Generation, and it’s striking back. Addicting viewing.



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4 responses to “Our Portnoy, but who’s complaining?

  1. Oh ho ho. Perfect allusion, John.

  2. Thanks for sharing your find, John…I was cracking up over here. Her conversations with her “parents” ring so true, I suppose that’s why they’re freakin’ hilarious. 🙂

  3. manuelbuencamino

    great great find!!!!

  4. Thanks, Nick. I cringe at the thought of anyone needing to explain Christine’s videos to an entire generation of Filipino parents (“disasssterrr!”), but man, those videos cracked me up. I’d be interested to see how she widens her range, maybe by bringing an American’s point of view into the mix.

    Yes, Gi, she’s really funny, isn’t she? The thing is, the same conversational routines, the same behavior patterns, can be found in the Philippines too — the languages used will be different, of course, but the characters will be the same. We’ve met all of them!

    Thanks, Manuel. She’s just posted a new video, with a distinctly Pinoy title: Mixed Nuts.

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