Have not

Just got back from Baguio.  Have not showered. Have not slept. Have not seen Manny Pacquiao’s fight yet. Have not a single thing to write about, or the strength to write. I spent the last four hours listening to non-stop country music, my service vehicle driver’s choice of poison. He was, I think, a little drowsy, so he turned the volume all the way up. (Speakers-cracking up.) Was it the longest four-hour trip I ever had? Hmmm. Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?



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2 responses to “Have not

  1. Hmmm…interesting questions you posed there, dear friend. Makes me remember our own road trip to Baguio a very long time ago and how with ridiculous speed the bus driver tackled Kennan road on the way back and how that made me think of my own mortality and all the things I wanted/needed to do before we went hurtling off the mountain. All bumpy rides should be as interesting.

    But on to more important things: don’t you think that if Dolly Parton slept on her back she’d suffocate to death due to her lungs collapsing from the weight of…well, her chest? Methinks she sleeps on her side (and if you were a woman, you would know what and how I mean).

  2. I stand (lie) corrected. Dolly sleeps on her side. (After four hours of Conway Twitty and Tammy Wynette, I’d say anything.)

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