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Racing for the Senate

Pulse Asia has just come out with its second survey on senatorial preferences. Loren Legarda topped it again, with in fact even more respondents saying they were going to vote for her. Her awareness rating went back to its usual level, too: from 87 percent to 99 percent. I take that to mean that the political season has truly started.

Among the young guns of the opposition, Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano continues to outdo his boss in the congressional minority, House Minority Leader Francis Escudero. Cayetano seems to have a clear path to the brass ring, while Escudero is stuck in the thicket. His chances improved slightly, but his awareness level dropped from 93 percent in July to 81 percent in November. The quick end of the second impeachment complaint may have hurt his visibility; while Mike Arroyo’s continuing confrontation with Cayetano seems to have kept the voluble congressman in the spotlight.

Another interesting change: good friend Koko Pimentel’s electoral fortunes have improved, as far as awareness is concerned. In July, he placed in the first 9; in November, he finds himself in the bottom half of the first 12. That, I would think, is par for the course, now that the political season has started. But his awareness rating jumped from 76, which could be interpreted to mean that the public was confused about him (if it were his father, the rating I am almost sure would be in the high 90s), to 93. I would argue that that means more people are now aware of him, in his own right.

Compare the Pulse Asia tables.

Pulse_senate_july_2006_2 Pulse_senate_november_2006


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Pacquiao 2:57

No, that’s not a reference to chapter 2, verse 57 of the gospel according to Manny Pacquiao. That, as  many who follow the new evangelist will tell us, is the time the third Pacquiao-Morales fight ended, in the third round. My apologies for pointing out the obvious, but I finally managed to watch the fight only a few minutes ago, courtesy of this site. (To be sure, I was able to watch the third round in its entirety yesterday, through the help of the ever-useful Filipino Librarian.)

Last week, I posted three pieces I did or prepared for the first Pacquiao-Morales fight in March 2005 — on the Wild Card gym, on "Buboy Roach," and on Freddie Roach’s philosophy of boxing. My friend Howie Severino was kind enough to take notice.

I missed something in my three color pieces, though: the soundtrack of Manny’s training camp. It was while preparing to fight Morales for the first time that Manny and his inner circle of friends and supporters decided to use Shakira, in particular the songs from "Laundry Service," as the music he would train to the sound of. "Underneath Your Clothes," in particular, sticks in my head; when I hear it, I am reminded, instantly, of those heady six days watching Manny spar and shadowbox in LA. I thought Manny had given up on Shakira after losing to Morales the first time around. But as this comment thread proves, the Shakira soundtrack, since updated, remains very much in use.


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