Go, Goa

This letter to the editor nags at one’s conscience; it’s a gentle, graceful reminder (written several days ago) that even poorly equipped schools from "the provinces" can top national competitions, given smart students and caring faculty.

The Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region Campus has been in the Philippine Robotics Olympiad twice; last year, we were among the finalists. This year, our team — consisting of members Jan Karlo de la Cruz, Ian Carlo Zuñiga and John Christopher Azcarraga; and coach Sevedeo J. Malate — topped the Robot Adventure Category. In fact, the team, together with the students featured in your paper, is currently in China for the world finals.

I visited this very campus only last month; I found straitened circumstances, but a lively life of the mind.



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2 responses to “Go, Goa

  1. “The “indirect” statement was made by Gay Francisco, vice president for institutional relations and public affairs of First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH), in an interview with Inquirer correspondent Marlon Ramos on Nov. 9. — Editor.”

    the clarification seems like it should nag at the editor’s conscience, too. it’s almost like it was the interviewee’s fault that the reporter didn’t bother to check his facts.

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