YOU’re the person of the year?

I meant to add this to my list of best online reads, as an Honorable Mention: Steve Safran’s treatise on the wussification of Time’s Person of the Year award.

Well, TIME has really gone out on a limb for its Person of the Year for 2006. They gave it to you. And me. All of us. Everyone who contributed to the web. Nice sentiment, but pretty wussy. And totally in keeping with their disturbing recent trend of making safe, largely uninspired choices that are no longer in line with the original mission of the honorific “Person of the Year.” Seriously – what could be safer than giving it to all of us? Talk about the “Me Generation.” The “Person of the Year” is supposed to be someone who for better or worse, has most influenced events in the preceding year. Sure, they’ve given it to groups in the past and often rightly so. But you? I mean, I like you and all, but did you really most influence the events in the preceding year? Did we? And if so, where is our beer?

The wussification of the Person of the Year choices started in earnest in 2001.

I think Steve (of favorite site Lost Remote, of course) nailed this one.


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3 responses to “YOU’re the person of the year?

  1. Wow! A rave review! Thanks so much for the nice words. An honorable mention is honorable indeed. Glad you like Lost Remote.

  2. Here’s another rave, Steve: as a newspaper editor, online columnist, blog keeper, and sometime TV producer, I can readily say Lost Remote is the indispensable guide to convergence — whatever THAT is.

  3. I agree. I think Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunnus should have been Person of the Year. Happy New Year John!

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