Lamitan hospital siege

Everything is context. The other day, Howie Severino reminded us that the military’s ultimately successful pursuit of Abu Sayyaf chieftain Khaddaffy Janjalani cannot be fully understood without the debacle that was the Lamitan hospital siege. Here is an infographic from the Inquirer’s June 2, 2003 issue that summarizes the seven basic facts about the siege.




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2 responses to “Lamitan hospital siege

  1. Lamitan witness

    John, Thanks for the graphic, although it doesn’t mention the gallant fight Lamitan Cafgus gave to the ASG as they were exiting the back gate after soldiers vacated their position. That Cafgu encounter allowed some hostages to escape.

    One other reason why military officers may be rejoicing the deaths of Janjalani, Sulaiman et al — they take the truth of that day in Lamitan to their graves. For there must be an answer to this question — why did they go to that hospital compound in the first place? Could it be the pre-arranged release point for Rhegis Romero and companion? If so, who would have had the power to guarantee their safety?

    If the ASG had the proper sense to provide their comrades with reinforcements, why didn’t the military? There was enough time to send an entire battalion or more to Basilan, knowing that the ASG’s top leadership was trapped. Could it simply be “operational lapses,” as General Dominguez reasons in his stultifyingly stupid defense? Or the willingness to exchange soldiers’ lives for a price?

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