12,248 pairs of lips

The Associated Press makes it semi-official.

Organizers of the annual pre-Valentine’s Day celebration [in Metro Manila] said they broke the record held by Hungary, where 5,875 couples kissed simultaneously in Budapest in 2005 ….

An unofficial tally showed 6,124 couples kissed simultaneously, organizers said, but the number needs to be verified by an independent auditor and approved by Guinness World Record officials before it becomes a world record.

Now I don’t know about you, but a margin of 249 strikes me as too thin to be comfortable. It’s positively unworthy of Garci.



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2 responses to “12,248 pairs of lips

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  2. Sorry to spread an unromantic damper on this collective effort, but I can think of various ways of productively using the time and efforts of all those people, rather than in pursuit of such empty renown.

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