Wednesday is the new Monday

JV Rufino,’s editor in chief, was kind enough to change the schedule of the Newsstand column I write for his site from Monday to Wednesday. That gives me enough breathing room, enough distance from my work-heavy weekends, to gather my thoughts and say something, well, not breathless. This is today’s attempt.

Once again, it is about surveys, or at least the practical application of survey results in the real world of political campaigns. I thank Manolo, MiGs, and AR for helping shape my thoughts on the matter; one part of today’s column, in particular, is a kind of answer to an important question AR raised.

The highest voting preference rating I can remember is actually from a recent survey: Loren Legarda’s 52.9 in Pulse Asia’s November 2006 poll. Mar Roxas’s saturation advertising in 2004 could not push his vote-for number beyond 50; in April 2004, it stood at 48.9. While theoretically it is possible for a candidate to earn a conversion rating of, say, 90 percent, experience tells us this won’t happen.

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