Kiko in pole position

The latest SWS survey (conducted a couple of weeks ago) is now available on the SWS website.

Kiko Pangilinan has taken over first place (although to be sure Loren Legarda is both within the margin of error and striking distance). Are those expensive ads for Mike Defensor, Migs Zubiri, and Butch Pichay really working? I suppose they are, but at markedly different "speed."

I’m afraid, though, that good friend Koko Pimentel (now at 14, still statistically within the "Magic 12" orbit) has become a target for junking. Ed Angara, who has obviously more money to spend and a bigger network to help him spend it, is marginally better-situated, at 13.



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8 responses to “Kiko in pole position

  1. Keep the light up for Koko. Mindanao deserves more representation.

  2. I just wonder if Kiko entertained the protests of the opposition during the canvassing, would we be in this political rut we are in? The legitimacy issue could have been resolved during that time.

  3. Amadeo: You are, of course, right on the money. One out of 24 is a miserable ratio.

    Schumey: I don’t know if that would have prevented the inevitable. The other night, Pangilinan was in the newsroom. Asked about that particular issue, he said something to this effect: The Rez Cortezes of the opposition wanted to turn the canvassing board into an electoral tribunal, and he couldn’t oblige them.

    Thanks for dropping by, and dropping a line.

  4. Kiko claims it was his “independent stance” that gave him pole position. Let’s give credit where credit is due: the Sharonians. At least the real movie actors are too “dumb” to be so intellectually dishonest.

  5. Congratulations for being nominated in the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards.

  6. Thanks. I wouldn’t have known about the nomination if not for you. Congratulations on your nomination too. As for the kind soul who nominated me, rest assured your good deed won’t go unpunished!

  7. Dean, even if we assume that “Sharonians” form part (or even the bulk) of Pangilinan’s support, that still wouldn’t explain the jump in his rating during the time the last SWS survey was conducted. There must be another explanation, yes?

    As for intellectual dishonesty, surely Pangilinan is in good company, even among the opposition candidates?

  8. gej

    Can’t help but notice how this particular survey has stuck out among a number of surveys. The other surveys have shown a certain consistency, with moderate changes in most of the candidates’ ratings.

    In this SWS survey, Pangilinan just seemed to skyrocket from the Jan 07 Pulse Asia survey, to the top. Shortly after, in the Mar 07 Pulse Asia survey, he made almost the same giant leap bakward. Pulse Asia January 2007 – 34.6 %, SWS February 2007 – 56 % ! , Pulse Asia March 2007 – 39.4.I assume that a percentage point is the same for both Pulse Asia and SWS. How can this “lundag paabante, lundag paatras” be explained? Right after, a series of news items on Pangilinan appeared in media in quite a well-ordered fashion. Coincidence?

    Can we find out who commissioned these surveys?

    Yes, we need credible elections. We also need credible surveys.

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