April 3-5 Pulse

I think gmanews.tv beat me to it, posting an item on the latest Pulse Asia survey, based on the news release, at 4:23 pm. I had to double-check with Pulse Asia regarding the dates of the survey (there was, as it turns out, a mistake in the release). At any rate, at about half past four, I posted a quick analysis of the latest poll, together with an update of the crude trend chart I put together some time ago, in Inquirer Current. The title ("Joker slips, Sonia soars, Loren pulls away") serves as a rough summing up.



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2 responses to “April 3-5 Pulse

  1. Ramon Ignacio

    The periodic surveys conducted by SWS and Pulse Asia and even by other international surveyors can never be trusted in terms of establishing estimates. If their sample respondents are representative of the voting population, then the results of the surveys taken by SWS and Pulse Asia in a same period should be the same. (Its like tasting a teaspoon of coffee from the same cup when properly mixed, and that the taste of every teaspoon should be more or less the same- that what representative sample means). In the case of SWS and Pulse, the results were significanyly different! If this is so, then their samples are not representative of the whole voting population. The results therefore are unreliable.

    Again, using the results of different periodic survey results to establish a trend is erroneous. How can one predict a change or trend when the samples/respondents are different from the previous respondents. They merely show, what other respondents say. Trending or plotting changes can only be done if the same set of repondents are used.

  2. John Britz

    You are damn right! Trending using different respondents is an erroneous methodology. The survey companies in your country do not seem to understand the logic of trending. Wish you tell them that !

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