In Baguio, yet again.

At the Cathedral, the “Ama Namin” is still the older Fr. Hontiveros version, more kundiman than pop.

At Pizza Volante, on Session Road, the “carrot salad” is described in the menu as “outrageously healthy and delicious.” It is, too, as this meat eater can attest. (The waiter said the resto is opening a branch somewhere in Makati City, in June.)

At Book Sale in SM, fiction by V.S. Pritchett, for P77, and Mary McCarthy’s memoirs, for P70. Tasty bait; of course I bit.


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  1. more than a year ago, you asked me what i thought about librarything. well, i still haven’t quite answered your question, but you may want to check out my latest post. the founder of librarything has a message for you =)

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