Sego and Sarko

It just so happens that I am still awake, at seven minutes to two in the morning, so I turn to CNN to check on the first round of the French presidential election. Hala Gorani is hosting a special program, and counting down the minutes to 1800 GMT (an hour, I think, after the polls closed) to announce the results.

I think: Okay, I’ll wait up for the results too. It looks like there will be no major surprises, unlike, say, Le Pen’s surge in 2002. So will it be Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal in the second round, as the polls have suggested all along?

Yes: Sarko has 29.6 percent; Sego 25.1 percent.



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2 responses to “Sego and Sarko

  1. erick tagnia

    The Filipinos are again proud of their race, and every Filipino elsewhere in the world are given recognition for being a compatriot of a gallant and sensational fighting machine inside the boxing ring in the world today. In addition, the Filipino people was greatly united uncharacteristically for a time being regardless of their political, religious, cultural and social affiliation when they rallied behind every punch of a small man but with a big heart. We should be proud of him and let the name MANNY “PACMAN” PACQUIAO be written in the history as the greatest sports hero of our nation for all era.

    However, his return to the country, after another successful bout with another Mexican fighter who was unbeaten, should be welcomed in the most loudest of celebration with caution. Appreciation must be given to whom it must be due and in the proper context. We should welcome him as our sports hero and not as a congressional candidate. This must be clear to all even to Pacman himself.

    I am part of the 99.5 percent of Filipino who greatly admire our sports hero Manny Pacquiao. I was able to watch all of his fight, amateur and professional, enough for me to be called a ‘Pacman fanatic’. In fact, i feel nervous in his every fight and somehow feel every punch thrown at him. And just like his mother, Dionisia, I even prayed for his success in every fight.

    However, I am calling the attention of all who love him. We should not allow him to win in every arena to which he does not properly belong. His recent incursion in the playing field of politics would definitely give more harm than well being to our idol and, to be candidly fair, also to our country.

    Congress must be the realm of educated, intelligent and articulate individual thinking about the political, social, economic facts, issues and possible solutions. Manny may be intelligent but he could not definitely express himself in the floor of Congress as he needs to use intricate rules of procedure that even lawyers and seasoned-politicians stumble from time to time. He is great in the boxing ring but he will be a disaster and shame to the floor of Congress, just like other members of the same who push their way using money and popularity. We should not allow Manny to push his way to Congress using our admiration, his popularity and hard earned money.

    Let our admiration of him be not unfettered to the extent of being beguiled by whatever things he does, particularly outside of the boxing ring, to the damage of others and the public in general. Manny will just add to the bad eggs of Congress who doesn’t even know that they are there to make laws. Manny is great in boxing but would be worst in lawmaking. LET US GET RID OF THAT ONCE REPUTABLE INSTITUTION OF ANOTHER WORTHLESS LAWMAKER BY DISCOURAGING VOTERS IN HIS DISTRICT NOT TO VOTE FOR HIM.

    If we truly love Manny we should ask our relatives and friends in his district not to vote for him. If we truly care for Manny we should not spoiled him when we know it will be bad for him. Let us put Manny exclusively in the boxing ring, where he is great, for the Filipino people and for the country. Let his greatness remain there and his bad future in the Congress be buried forever. Let us save Manny and Congress. Let us place Manny where he should be a great fighter and let us filled Congress with worthy and great lawmakers.

    If Manny would like to help his countrymen, let him do so without entering the nowadays-not-so-respectable field of politics. He could not help his neighbors in his district if he is going to be in the Batasang Complex.

  2. I don’t think Royal will win even with the swing votes. Some observers have said that the Socialist Party has not been effective.

    The centrist will definitely not support her.

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