Graveyard shift

I think Manolo will be on the GMA election telecast at 8:30 pm tonight, to help analyze the politics of the 2007 vote. Others from the Inquirer will take their turns after; I will be on at past 1 am. Will anyone still be awake at that time? (In the last election, I did my bit at 7 am on the morning after the vote, a decidedly more godly hour.)

It will still be too early, at 1 am,  to "call" the election; I think the Pulse Asia exit poll won’t be out for several more hours. But certain trends, or more accurately patterns-in-the-making, should make for a good conversation starter. I just wouldn’t place too much importance on the quick counts of both AMA (a coverage partner of GMA and the Inquirer) and STI: They are partial, unofficial … and irrelevant.



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3 responses to “Graveyard shift

  1. Gej

    1 am? Hmm, I just might stay up for this.

    In some of the pre-election interviews I got to listen to, I vaguely recall that there is a time when it is only the Comelec official (one official at that, I think) holding the Election returns, and no one else (not sure if this was during the flight to the next stop for the ERs).I may have missed it, but I don’t think anyone zeroed in on this. What will stop a crooked Comelec official from tampering with the ERs during this time? Are there controls in place for this?

  2. daj

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