Oh, yeah

The three Filipina mountain climbers scaled Everest this morning. (Strangely enough, the ABS-CBN story is no longer on the main page of the website. Surely the story deserves bigger play than this?)



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3 responses to “Oh, yeah

  1. At least ABS-CBN is giving ample space in its website for the results of the partylist elections unlike its better competitor. 😉

  2. You are, of course, right, journeyist. I think Inquirer.net (a sister company of the Inquirer, by the way, not a branch of the newspaper) was able to catch up today. If anything, the party-list vote is even more vulnerable to wholesale fraud.

  3. So true. Especially now that all eyes are on last lap of the senatorial race, most in the media seem to be forgetting that there’s also a partylist election canvassing going on, which, by the way, is also national in scope and significance. Indeed the early results show it is dominated by groups not exactly friendly to the arroyo regime. Unless of course the apostles of Garci manage to pull a miracle.

    I would say the free media is doing a fine job at guarding the 2007 elections and keeping the people informed. The people appreciate that a lot.

    I suggest that media outlets also show the percentage of at least the top 20 party-list groups (based on the running total of all party-list votes) to give people an idea of which groups are faring well and which ones just might make it…

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