The harder choice

It seems to me that Deannie Bocobo assumes, all too easily, that the appropriate response to the barbaric beheadings in Basilan is to stop talking peace with the MILF. For reasons I explain in Inquirer Current, I have to disagree.

Let’s agree on one thing. Indulging our fully justified sense of outrage, and calling on the government to stop the peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front because of last Tuesday’s barbaric ambush in Basilan, is the easier option. The harder (indeed, for some, almost impossible) choice is to keep one’s head.


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2 responses to “The harder choice

  1. You suggesting we wait till they behead a dozen more?

    Alright – let’s take your advice and not stop talking “peace” with the MILF. After all, this has been going on with every single insurgent group that was mother and son or daughter or cousin to current MILF for the last 40 years, so a year of talking some more won’t bu much of a loss; also, talks are cheap so heck, let’s go on talking with them.

    While that is going on, I suggest we pummel the insurgents. Either that or give them their independence but you can’t wait ad vitam eternam to decide on what to do with them!

  2. John,
    While I find myself disagreeing on many things with Dean these days (although I still count him as a friend) I also think that the mutilations of the marines is enough reason to at least suspend the peace talks. The MILF says the mutilations were barbaric and unsanctioned. yet there are strong indications that the perps were at least known to the MILF.
    But the MILF refuses to turn the suspects over. Talking peace assumes that the MILF can exercise some degree of control over their people on the ground. If they cannot guarantee that their people will comply with the agreements then there’s little reason to talk to them, from a practical point of view. Also, why the defiance? Turn the suspects over if you want to show good faith. If the shoe were on the other foot how would the MILF feel? What would they demand?
    Continuing the peace talks now undermines the principle of accountability ( as if it could be undermined anymore than it has these days.)

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