It’s too early to write elegies for the Wall Street Journal, now that the news is in. It seems irrational for Rupert Murdoch to pay $5 billion simply for the right to throw away the Journal’s tradition of reporting excellence but, well, past is prologue, or so they say. We shall see soon enough, maybe in a matter of months. 

(Of course, it’s extreme conservative editorial page, possibly the best-written in the world, is another matter altogether.)

Of the many readings of the true import of the sale, I find this appreciation by the Columbia Journalism Review of the Journal style—-something I’ve learned to recognize from years of daily reading—-the one that speaks to me best.

The Wall Street Journal leder. Has modern American newspapering produced anything better, or at least more elegant?

Go on. Read it and weep.



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2 responses to “Sold

  1. Does Murdoch own Fox news?

    I think more than what may be a perceived decline in WSJ’s credibility, what is even sadder is all these media conglomerates swallowing independent players into one giant information-producing machine. I feel sorry for Americans…having to be told by fewer and fewer media outlets not only what to think about, but how to think.

  2. Sparks – So true and so sad. I usually learn more about this country I now live in either by leaving it or getting information outside traditional US news sources. I find that somewhere in the middle generally lies what’s really going on. It’s like what happened when Clear Channel started gobbling up radio stations and giving us only commercial-laden options: almost everything now sounds the same, and the indies who don’t are usually struggling to stay afloat.

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