Self-loathing abstraction

I have written about accidental spam poetry before —- on the first day of the year, as a matter of fact. The first two quarters since have been, ah, uninspired, as far as spam subject headings were concerned. In the last couple of months, however, things started to pick up.

Spam_poetry Here’s a shot of seven that brightened my inbox with unexpected imagery.

“Polka-dotted burglar”? Sounds like a clown who has fallen on hard times. “Flabby ruffian,” on the other hand, sounds like a rabble-rouser gone soft, recklessly indulging a taste for warm beer.

‘Moronic necromancer” can’t read the tea leaves if his life (or death) depended on it, while I am certain “flatulent ballerina” knows exactly what to blame for her failure to land the leading roles.

“Halfhearted pork chop” —- now that seems like meat torn between staying in the freezer and frying in the pan.

The last two, as least to this politically addled mind, are highly political images: “Unruffled anomaly” could very well be, say, the Maguindanao election results, statistically improbable numbers blithely confident they would be counted by an obliging Commission on Elections. And “self-loathing abstraction”? That could be the principle of presumption of regularity itself, which the Arroyo administration has used and misused to cloak the controversial decision, the questionable policy.


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