The only constant

Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to start cold, so to speak. But I sort of promised myself I will take notes when I read my next book; found a little time yesterday, so decided to damn the torpedoes and go full speed ahead.

Preliminary notes, of course, but I thought if I started writing them, beginning, as it happens, with Austin Coates’ 1968 biography of Jose Rizal, then I might be able to post more often.

Posting more often is again a concern, because I just contributed another $50 to the American economy. I first subscribed to Typepad two years ago; perhaps (hope springs eternal!) I can make better use of my money this time around.

So: Notes on some of the books and articles I happen to read. And: A reposting of my Newsstand column for the Inquirer (it started a month ago, and appears on the right-hand side of the op-ed pages every Tuesday). And: A few stories or opinion pieces I can permanently include as Typepad Pages. And, perhaps: More photos, in the future. And: Regular links to the pieces I post for Inquirer Current. Not least, and possibly: A reposting or at least a link to Between Deadlines, the Inquirer reporters’ behind-the-news column I edit.

Well. I can dream, can’t I?

PS. I’ve changed the email address I use here, to the one I use at the office. I hardly checked the old one, and as a consequence missed out on some urgent or important emails. Mea culpa.


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