Ethan’s secret

I’ve been reading Ethan Zuckerman for over a year now, after I saw him in action at the Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace conference in April last year, at the Asian Institute of Management. (I only managed to say hello, when we exchanged cards.) His blog remains my all-time favorite. He acts, to borrow a conceit from Bergson (which I found rooting through the columns of the late I. P. Soliongco), like a man of thought, and thinks like a man of action.

I wrote about the quality of his conference liveblogging last year, describing his work as “reported documentation” and offering it as an example for Philippine bloggers and journalists.

Last month, Ethan finally found the opportunity to explain how he does it —- in a blog post that’s characteristically modest, personally engaging, technically savvy, eminently applicable. It’s practically begging to be put to use. I bookmarked it immediately. (The comment thread has since grown, with many useful inputs.)

Here’s the link.


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