On the same page

A reader from Los Angeles, a former resident of Basilan, emailed me last month, asking for a copy of the special report I put together in 2003, to mark the second anniversary of the infamous Lamitan hospital siege. He had come across a reference to it, he said, on Howie’s blog. (Just for the record, the report was not censored; but the second part did give rise to a P20-million libel suit.)

The email from LA—-the capital of the Third World, I first read sometime in the 1980s—-came at the right time. I had just found out about Typepad’s new Pages feature, which allows bloggers to put up so-called permanent pages. I thought: The report, or at least the first part, would make a good candidate for perma-posting.

So here it is, together with a nifty infographic that artist Ernie Sambo designed for the Inquirer’s front page. For good measure, I added a copy of the long story I filed in the last days of the 2004 campaign, on Fernando Poe Jr.’s run for the presidency. (You can find them all near the top of the sidebar on your left.)

I will, of course, add more in the future—-now that, ahem, we’re on The Same Page.


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