Between Deadlines: De Venecia rebuffed

The August 11 column features Christian Esguerra on JDV’s German brush-off; Dona Pazzibugan on the "missing" Lito Lapid; Nikko Dizon on the comedy of Lintang Bedol; and Riza Olchondra on a Court of Appeals justice with an ironic sense of humor.



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2 responses to “Between Deadlines: De Venecia rebuffed

  1. Sir,

    greetings from bacolod. just in case you didnt remember, we played a game of badminton a few months ago at molave. I was brought there by marc and vangie reyes.

    I enjoy reading your posts here. i’ve added it in my links last month when i resumed blogging. reading newstand in the inquirer is definitely a great way to learn column writing, especially for reporters like me whose opinions are suppressed in the newsroom. hehehe. these between deadlines column is also a welcome respite from the hard news.

    btw, i didn’t know that there’s this five-storey powerbooks outlet at bonifacio high street until i read your column. i’m definitely going to visit the next time i go to Manila.


  2. Cedelf, of course I remember! Thanks for dropping by, and for resuming blogging. I had been blogging sporadically the past several months myself, but after I renewed my Typepad last week, I thought I might as well get my money’s worth and blog more often. And yes, the new Fully Booked superstore in the Fort is really something.

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