Quote: Perfectionism

“… what a burden it must be to see how all things fall into place: where the earth sinks: where the seas flow: how every angel falls.” – Gilda Cordero Fernando



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2 responses to “Quote: Perfectionism

  1. Why are your posts suddenly reduced to mere quotes. Please ruminate on those quotes. 🙂

  2. Resty, you perfectionist! Actually, I’ve wanted to do this for some time, post passages from books I’m currently reading (or read in the past week, in the case of the first three quotations I posted). In fact, I tried to do something of the same sort maybe a year and a half ago, even using a non-Typepad feature to do so. But rumination is time-consuming. Given the press of deadlines, I thought: Maybe I should just post the passages without comment. After all, anything I’d say would be a distraction (or a subtraction).

    Hence, this Dictionary of Insufficiently Familiar, Unfairly Obscure or Uncommon Quotations.

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