Breaking ranks

Over at Inquirer Current, I retold what an opposition leader said to me the other day, about the looming end of the De Venecia era in Congress. (Note that the limits of this assertion are included in the short post itself.) Now, on dzMM’s TeleRadyo, I see Speaker de Venecia announcing that, as he had promised last night, he had written an appeal to President Arroyo, calling on her to start a “moral revolution.” She can start, he said, by firing some of her Cabinet members.

This, it seems to me, could very well be the signal to start (open) hostilities.

What does this mean? It means, just possibly, that JDV has seen the same thing as the opposition leader did, and has decided to go down fighting.

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One response to “Breaking ranks

  1. broadbandido

    Do you really believe JdV will do the right things this time?

    I still have my doubts knowing JdV’s penchant for holding on to power even at the expense of his family. Horse trading is his expertise. He is not known for making strong stand aginst issues of this magnitude. Laging bakla ang desisyon, kumbaga.

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