A tragedy, a travesty

Joseph Estrada, convicted of plunder on two counts only last month, was pardoned a few minutes ago by his successor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The grant of executive clemency, read by "acting executive secretary" Ignacio Bunye, was premised on three grounds — for a historic decision, incredibly flimsy, paper-thin bases.

A quick paraphrase: Whereas it was the policy of the Arroyo administration to release inmates aged 70 years old, whereas Estrada had already six and a half years under detention, whereas Estrada had publicly committed not to seek elective office, I, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, grant executive clemency …

We in the newsroom knew the decision was coming (as one editor-wag put it, "Pinatay na ang baboy," referring to preparations involving Estrada’s favorite food, lechon), but still, when it came, we recoiled, horror-struck.



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4 responses to “A tragedy, a travesty

  1. Erap daw promised he would not run for public office, as one of the conditions for his pardon. But of course, with the full restoration of his civil and political rights, he can (and probably will) renege on that promise. No word of honor among thieves, ika nga.

  2. Exactly. GMA made the same promise not to run on Rizal Day 2002.

  3. Horror and shock? Ngayon lang John? this was foreordained on 20 january 2001!

  4. jo satuito

    it’s a decline of social justice in our country. it seems that sandiganbayan is a useless judicial court among public officials who committed crime against people…

    then we can already say that anytime you can commit this kind of sin, and be pardon later… justice? c’mon give me a break now!

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