Inside look

Lifestyle editor Joanne Rae Ramirez of the Star had dinner with the President recently, together with other female journalists; her column provides a closer look at the presidency in a time of crisis. No surprises there, except for details about the President’s health regimen.

We were led to the Music Room for cocktails. I noticed more mirrors were added to the room, which was elegant and yet cozy. A few minutes past seven, the President walks in, and she looks like she had just come from a vacation.

Hard to imagine she was being threatened by impeachment and being linked to corrupt deals and alleged terrorist bombings. In a sea green pantsuit and open-toed Guccis, her short hair gelled back and diamonds glistening from her earlobes, she looked like a typical wealthy matron hosting a chika-chika dinner for her amigas.

In contrast, this post by Manuel Buencamino (self-described as a member of the "anti-Gloria crowd") offers an unexpected  look into the state of (some of) the opposition. (Scroll all the way down.) I read it only the other day, so it was still fresh on my mind when I read the Star scene-setter.

(The Speaker had invited Manolo and me for dinner when he saw us at the Batasan during the press conference where he passed the impeachment buck to Raul Del Mar. I guess he wanted to feel the pulse of the anti-Gloria crowd. He gave us a peek at the letter about moral regeneration which he delivered to Gloria a few days ago and he asked us what we thought. We told him exactly what we thought – it was bland. We also noticed that his wife Gina was very close to our position vis a vis GMA – hold her accountable now!)

Apparently, dinner is the weapon of choice (even for us in the Inquirer).


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  1. Who should be the TIME Person of the Year (for the Philippines) ?

    TIME’s Person of the Year is the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or for ill, and embodies what was important about the year.

    Who do you think fit’s the bill this year for the Philippines?

    1)Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
    2)Joseph “Erap”Estrada
    3)Joey De Venecia
    4)Joe De Venecia
    5)Ronaldo Puno
    6)Manny Pacquiao
    7) Jovito Palparan
    8)Genuine Opposition
    9)Jarius Bondoc

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