Katrina (considerably off-topic)

At the Inquirer’s anniversary party last Saturday, many guests arrived (many are happy to visit at anniversary time) —- to sing (Ogie Alcasid, for instance), draw raffle prizes (Iwa Moto), or just plain hang out with the employees and have their pictures taken (Michael V, eminently). But I’m betting most employees would remember this guest best:

Katrina_pdi_2 (Thanks, Jun, for the photo.) Note the waiters in the wings, looking mesmerized. Katrina Halili arrived just to draw a handful of winning raffle tickets, but —- at least to the men drinking free-flowing beer at the back of the hall (actually, our indoor parking area, converted) —- her appearance was the unmistakable highight of the evening.

I didn’t drink any beer, but I’d have to say I agree. No wonder (the consensus among the men went) she topped FHM’s sexiest survey two years running. There’s some science in them thar polls. And she was actually quite gracious too.

Now back to the murky world of politics.


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