The most corrupt

Just a hunch. The Pulse Asia survey conducted last October (which I had already referred to in remarks before the Rotary Club of Manila and in a column that followed) will be the topic of discussion tomorrow. The survey found that, to voting-age Filipinos, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the "most corrupt President in history." (The email I got from Pulse Asia was charmingly titled "Additional Findings on Graft and Corruption.")

Here’s Table 2 of those additional findings.

Pulse_most_corrupt  (Again, and as in the Katrina photo below, click on the image to enlarge it. This table, however, is considerably less fetching. A word to the wise.)

While the question is asked against a considerably longer horizon ("sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas"), note that the options are limited to the last five presidents: Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo.

Under such limits, Arroyo is a clear "winner" over Guinness-record-holder Marcos (the national numbers have the standard margin of error of plus or minus 3). Definitely not good news for Malacanang.

But before we wave copies of the latest Pulse Asia survey in the streets, remember that this very survey found that only a quarter of voting-age Filipinos were willing to take to the streets to force the resignation of a corrupt president. The limits of outrage, indeed.



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4 responses to “The most corrupt

  1. Not to mention intensity, still a quarter of voting-age Filipinos taking to the streets to force the resignation of a corrupt president would be another Guinness record!

    So keep waving those copies of the survey.

  2. Carlos H. Lopez

    a similar survey on the net

    came out with Gloria (81%) as worst president ever.

  3. richard guzman

    well I think one reason mrs arroyo is the most corrupt is because she gives people”s money to corrupt military and police generals and even corrupt politicians for her political survival. She is president because of these corrupt personalities not by the people and thats a fact.

  4. Victor G. Sarte

    Tumahimik na lang kayong mga Media na walang ginawa kundi magbalita ng di maganda sa ating bansa.Kung maaari lang tulong-tulong na lang tayo para sa ikauunlad ng ating bansa.Salamat sa pag-intindi ninyo sa panawagan ko.

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