Made it, and just barely. The last hour, the last day of the month! When I read Willy’s post the other day, positively willing himself to blog again, I got a lift too. It wasn’t exactly a conscious decision on my part to stop posting — things just got in the way. Work, lots of it. Moving house. Administrative stuff. Volunteer work. The holidays. Plus an extremely tight but exhilarating conference in Bangkok. Before I knew it, an entire month had passed.

Perhaps (if we were to look for something to blame) we can blame the lack of reading; moving into a new place is a slow work in progress, and most of my books (that is, most of the books I decided to keep — another post in itself) are hidden inside a book cabinet, which in turn is surrounded by boxes and boxes of just plain stuff, all needing to be sorted out. As a result, no books to read, and no sustained reading. I must confess to a  sense of disorientation, what someone I know would call a lack of equilibrium.

Last night, or rather very early this morning, I finally made a clearing among the boxes, creating enough space to allow me to open the doors of my beloved book cabinet. Among the first books I saw was a clutch of used ones I bought in Baguio sometime the last week of December; I had forgotten all about them. Funny, but it felt good just to see them again.

This afternoon, on my way to work, I found myself stuck in unusual traffic. For some reason, the Mandaluyong City rotunda was filled with people; it looked like a fiesta, and the cars from Shaw had to inch their way around the City Hall complex, navigating through a river of humanity. It probably cost me 20 or more minutes. When I got to the office, I found out why. Scanning through the day’s pictures already posted on the newsroom’s editing system, I realized that the celebrated Fr. Suarez, the healing priest, was right there in that Mandaluyong City Hall complex, ministering. The thousands of people on the street outside City Hall? They were all waiting, if not to be healed themselves, then at least for the gift of witnessing a miracle.


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