Something even more basic than land

Compare that last first column of the year [sorry, got confused over online and print publication dates] with this altogether more earnest Inquirer editorial written three weeks later.

To ask that question is to realize that the Sumilao case is ultimately about something even more basic than land. It is about our dignity as men and women who are free to choose, a dignity rooted, the bishops may well say now and as “Gaudium et Spes” reminded us then, in the very image of God. If the farmers choose what a materialistic world may consider the lesser portion, what of it? Is their choice necessarily invalid because it nets them less money? Development cannot be sustainable if it is founded on the original sin of injustice.


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One response to “Something even more basic than land

  1. True indeed, the case of the Sumilao farmers goes beyond the case of reclaiming a land they rightfully own. And it goes down well below the basic premises of having to till one’s land with one’s sweat and blood. It goes exactly where the basic foundations of the democracy lay bare: the rights of people in a democracy.

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