Moon and Mao


Someday (someday soon, I hope) I hope to come back to this favorite image (one of several) from the other week’s East West Center media conference in Bangkok. This photo requires an extended comment, but for now let me just note that (a) Cristina Moon is the moving force behind “The Olympic Dream of Burma,” a concerted effort to remind the Olympic community (and starting on August 8 that subset should considerably overlap with the world’s population) about the suffering of the Burmese people, and (b) Isaac Mao (a familiar Web presence, in part because he is often cited by favorite bloggers Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca McKinnon) is one of China’s leading digital enablers, helping shape the Chinese blog. Two of the most impressive achievers in the conference, in one photo. (As usual, please click on the image to enlarge it.)


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  1. hilton

    Anybody but McCain. Otherwise they will continue the 8 years of a failed presidency.

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