The beginning of the end?

I agree, Jun Lozada did the honorable thing. And his testimony in the Senate tomorrow will prove damaging to the Arroyo administration. But the beginning of the end? It worries me when even people like Bertie Lim of the Makati Business Club think in this wise; of course it is possible that that long-hoped-for confluence of events, the long-awaited alignment of the political planets, will now happen, and soon. But for someone like me who believes that the most important short-term political task is to ensure that the 2010 elections take place, the revival of the ZTE scandal may turn out to be a fatal distraction.


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  1. Kabayan

    Beginning of the end? We can only hope that this is true, as it is the Arroyo administration still has his goons in the highest level of the PNP and AFP, the poor rank and file simply follow orders just like so many robots.

    Even when a slowly uncovering massive corrupt activity related to the diversion of funds for housing of soldiers and policemen to the graft ridden ZTE deal is being exposed, not one of the rank and file even uttered a whimper.

    I understand though, anyone who does not know how to boot-lick in these institutions is in danger of losing his or her job. The General Gudani and Colonel Balutan treatment is not lost among them. For how long this would last, I cannot yet tell. For now, the fate of this corrupt administration is still anyone’s guess; I hope it is short and justice would eventually be truly served.

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