In sick bay

I was in and out of sick bay the past two or three weeks. I caught something mid-February, became well enough to travel to Boracay later in the month (on official business, I keep telling friends and colleagues), then promptly caught something there too. (It rained the whole time I was there, and on my way back from the workshop I attended I was drenched in the rain.) It was, in a word, a throat infection. Last Tuesday was the worst; I even lost my voice. The timing was particularly unfortunate, because I had a talk scheduled in St. Scholastica’s that afternoon, and an unusual small-group forum that night. I missed both.

This may or may not explain my absence from this blog. Inverbras was kind enough to ask me to continue blogging — unless, that is, I was away on vacation. I can see his point; even posting my columns as they appear in the paper should have been a cinch. Mea culpa.

Let me play catch-up. Let me upload my last two columns, and include the one that comes out tomorrow. They all have to do with what even the bishops have taken to calling a “crisis of truth.”


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