Funny girl

I was looking for a copy of the speech by Emmanuel de Dios on fostering a culture of secular morality, when I stumbled onto a copy of Robina Gokongwei’s remarks at the recognition ceremony for graduates of the UP School of Economics (of which De Dios, incidentially, is dean). I was with the Manila Times in its last few months under Robina’s stewardship, so I found out for myself how naturally funny she was. Judging from her speech, she still is.

The first theory is the ubiquitous law of supply and demand. The reason I failed to graduate from UP was that I was kidnapped on the way to School in September of 1981, and guess what, right on the day I was supposed to take Porfessor Canlas’s exams. Contrary to the 2000 movie “Ping Lacson, supercop”, I was not jogging on the grounds of UP wearing a mid-riff when I got kidnapped … I didn’t have the body then to wear that outfit and never will.


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  1. canlas and lacson in the same post? we must be related somehow…:).

    my dad’s name was arsenio lacson canlas. lacson was his mother’s maiden name…

    enough of the random comment.

    carry on.

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