Dogberry on Sassy

As some of you may still remember, I figured in an online fight with Sassy Lawyer some time ago. (The post I wrote defending Deannie Bocobo is the Newsstand page with the most number of views, if the three tracking systems I use are any gauge. Apparently, readers like a good scrap.) Since meeting her at an ANC show and exchanging small talk at the lobby afterwards, I have sort of lost track of Sassy, at least online. Now Exie Abola has resurrected an entire cluster of synapses in my aging brain, with his cogent column today on Sassy’s “philistinism” in the matter of Amado V. Hernandez’s Birds of Prey. It is, unfortunately for Sassy, a complete evisceration.



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3 responses to “Dogberry on Sassy

  1. sassy idiot

    veneracion is an arrogant idiot who might have developed this sense of entitlement probably because she, like several filipino bloggers, thinks she’s god’s gift to blogging/writing. she compares hernandez to batjay, for chrissakes! what can be more lame and stupid and nonsensical than that? i’m sure batjay is a good writer but hernandez was not writing for idiots like veneracion. he was writing for filipinos in a time when they were more appreciative and, yes, knowledgeable about their language. (and thank god teachers have the good sense to try to make their students appreciate such literature.) if every modern-day national artist for literature today writes the way hernandez did in mandaragit, then veneracion might have a point. but that’s just not the case. that veneracion failed to see that exposes not only her ignorance but her bias as well. and she trumpets this ignorance to the rest of the world rather stridently. pathetic indeed.

  2. I am amazed and amused to no end to find that the (self-proclaimed? I’m not sure) writer of the Filipino masses is ironically being deemed “elitist” by Ms. Veneracion.

  3. mayabang talaga yan si veneracion, palibhasa di naman mass com , kung magaling yan dapat practising lawyer yan. wala cguro maipanalo na kaso kaya ang ginugulo niya ang mga writer. addict p yan sa adsense.

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