An extraordinary document

I like Maria Ressa; I've always found her way of thinking simultaneously gracious and pointed. Well, she has written an extraordinary brief on behalf of independent journalism, and it deserves to be read by everyone who has a stake or takes part in the public discourse. 

It does not only make a forceful case for allowing journalists to do their job, of letting journalists be —- in December 1999, when we were drummed out of Mark Jimenez's Manila Times, we knew it was because we were "calling it as we saw it." Maria's "Editor's Take" states the case even before the family that owns the TV network she works for and funds the news operations she oversees.

The (literally) breathtaking part:

Two years ago in a Lopez company forum, patriarch Oscar Lopez lauded our Standards & Ethics Manual. Manolo Lopez asked us to "stop being so critical" because he said that the Arroyo administration takes it out on Meralco.

I said we report what we see and could not tailor the news to fit any vested interests. If what he said was true, I asked, why not come out with it publicly? He told me, "Maria, you just don’t understand."

Last Friday, he finally said it publicly – that he believed the reason why Meralco was being targeted was because the government wanted to control ABS-CBN. He also admitted he has never been able to control ABS-CBN News.


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