On politicians as peddlers

Because of the press of time, I was not able to include, in my column of June 10, another think piece by a fellow Inquirer columnist on the vexing issue of politicians-turned-peddlers.

Randy David essentially understands the problem in the same way as the two columnists I did mention, Patricia Evangelista and Conrad de Quiros: the commercial advertising the politicians indulge in undermines political office itself.

Randy: “To argue that there is no conflict between being a public servant and earning a living as a professional actor, model, or entertainer on the side betrays a lack of understanding of the vocation of political leadership. Political office is a full-time job. The employer is the nation, no less; that is why the holder of a public position is expected to give to it all the attention and respect it deserves.”

If it were any other time in Philippine history, I would agree with him too.


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