Five reasons

why the spectacularly successful Colombia rescue mission couldn’t have happened in the Philippines:

1. Did you say a yearlong operation?  

2. Two helicopters in use, with 39 helicopters waiting on standby? The Philippine Air Force doesn’t have even half that number.

3. The Abu Sayyaf doesn’t have a supreme commander, and thus a reason to bring; there is no “there” to justify bringing the different groups of hostages together.

4. Humanitarian mission or not, the Abu Sayyaf would have searched the helicopters. Not to look for arms but to “ask” for tokens: cellphones, wristwatches, flashlights, yes, even those Che Guevara shirts.

5. The secret mission would have been reported in the papers.  Secret? What secret?

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  1. John,
    How do you know that the Colombians didn’t in fact learn a thing or two from us and actually paid ransom for such an impeccable rescue? Remember the Catholic priest Giancarlo Bossi. I have it on pretty good tsismis that the Abus got a pretty hefty sum (in pesos and liras) for his sorry hide. Now that was case when Ronnie Puno also mysteriously claimed to have spoofed and pulled a fast one on the kidnappers and the Press seems to have accepted it hook line and sinker, just like it let the govt off easy on not arresting the ambushers and beheaders of those 14 Marines to save their beloved peace process.

    Whatever happend to the people’s right to know, commercial journalism’s dedication to a search for the truth, and the latest hostages waiting to get their heads chopped off by the Sons of the Abu Sayyaf? (Couldn’t resist, either, hee hee).

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