Hanging out with Plato

plato.stanford.edu, that is. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy must be one of the best-kept secrets on the Web, at least that part of the Web I frequent. I can’t recall any of the 70-odd blogs I regularly read making any reference to it. (And yet someone must have referenced it; I didn’t find the site on my own.) I have learned to make it a regular stop (it even has an RSS feed, an active one). It isn’t meant to be a one-stop shop for theory, but in its areas of expertise (philosophy, of course, but also disciplines that intersect with philosophy, such as law or political science) it is very good indeed. To use a current but startlingly violent metaphor: It blows Wikipedia out of the water.

It isn’t perfect (the entry on Karl Marx, for example, by Jonathan Wolff, I found to be most useful — for the most part. But when Wolff turned to discuss current scholarship, I thought he lost his sense of proportion.) When it comes to theory, it’s a great place to get started, or to review where one has been. 



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2 responses to “Hanging out with Plato

  1. Thanks for the heads up John, I’m currently in a philosophical binge, I even bought some books to acquaint myself with great philosophers..

    I already went to the website, I’m currently reading an interesting, and mind-consuming entry on CHANGE. Since, I am wondering what we should be making of Barack Obama’s catch all phrase..

    Again, thanks for the find..

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