Qantas video

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I can’t find it now, but I believe Tarra Quismundo’s story was the first to break the Qantas emergency landing, at least in the Philippines. (I think the Melbourne Herald Sun was the first to break it, worldwide. Take a look at this listing of stories, which indicate the time.) Tarra’s story has since been incorporated into this Agence France Presse report on

It was the video clip taken by a passenger inside the unlucky plane, however, that riveted me. I first saw it on the Guardian website, then on the Telegraph, then on the New York Times (although I stopped after the umpteenth interruption). The Guardian has most of the raw footage, while the Telegraph’s version has both a voice-over narration and interviews with passengers exiting Naia Terminal 1. The Times used Reuters, and only a link to the video on its front page; the two British papers (see image above, for example) had the video players right beside their banner stories.


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