Caught much of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony last night. Except for a couple of "scenes" that did not work as well as the others (notably the Peking Opera episode), and one reminder of China's totalitarian past (the goose-stepping soldiers who hoisted the flag), the ceremony was a stunning spectacular. I remembered my friends in China, and though they must be as giddy with pride as I was struck with awe.

Comparing the photos now available on the Web: I thought the New York Times had the best selection of photos (their 17-frame slide show was largely their own work), but the captions were rather generic. That is, they were lifted from accompanying articles. The Guardian and the Telegraph had more photos, many of them taken by photographers working for wire services. I thought the Guardian's captions were to-the-point, while the Telegraph's selection had a better "sense of sequence," so to speak. The Age was first with an audio slide show, however, and it is very good indeed. (It also has a gallery of photos, taken mainly by Fairfax Media photographers.)

I thought this photo, used in the Times, quite effective; it allows the viewer both an outsider's look (I mean, we get a good idea of the scale of the event) and a behind-the-scenes perspective.



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  1. resty o.

    Hi, John, I hope that, when you safely get home, you’ll comment on China as Orwell country. That’d be a lot more interesting! 😉

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