The old hometown

When I went back to Cagayan de Oro last month, I failed to take pictures (although some kind soul from the Development Communication program of Xavier University's College of Agriculture did take some photos of the discussion with DevComm majors I took part in, including the first one below). In October 2006, however, when I spent considerably more time in the old hometown, I did take a few.

062708 009
DSCF0272  DSCF0279DSCF0278



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3 responses to “The old hometown

  1. Mr. Nery, reading your Inquirer column is always time well spent. May I link to this blog?

  2. Yes, please. And many thanks!

  3. John:

    Pictures of very familiar sights. Was just there for almost 5 months.

    BTW, your dad was just named as one of the awardees for Sportsman Hall Of Fame of the alumni, any plans to attend the homecoming in December? For us, it will be our 50th.

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