More banner headlines

More of the same, actually (I think the images Geoff Menegay pulled together all come from Newseum too). But his page loads much faster (it still takes a few minutes, though). And his mash-up look looks much better.

If I had been editing a US newspaper's front page, I would have toyed with either of the following headlines: "Oh-bama! "or "Yes, he did!" (It would have had to be a US newspaper; the second option wouldn't have worked in a Philippine setting.) Well, so much for original ideas. Many newspapers in Menegay's collection (which I stumbled on because of the redoubtable, and uncannily accurate, Votemaster at ran with the exact same headlines, down to the exclamation mark.

Picture 1 The Beaumont Enterprise of Beaumont, Texas, however, came up with a real beauty: "Race is history." Yes, in more senses than one. 


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