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Add one more vote

And Omaha makes 365.

In the last month and a half of the longest presidential contest in US history, I was struck by the emerging reports about Barack Obama's unusual ground game. I devoted half a column (the second half) to my impressions, illustrating the point by focusing on the Democrat's campaign to win one electoral vote out of the five allotted to Nebraska, a decidedly red state. (And one of only two states that do not hand over all their electoral votes to the state-wide winner of the presidential race.)

Well, as it turns out, Obama did win the lone electoral vote in Omaha, Nebraska. The race was finally called yesterday. One wonders, though: Is Mark Penn sitting up and taking down proportional-allocation notes?


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Documenting Obama (online version)

If those banner headlines (here and here) whetted your appetite, take a look at the way these online news websites handled Barack Obama's election triumph. (Thanks to the indispensable Mindy McAdams, and of course Gary Ritzenthaler, who did heroic work.)

PS. Mindy, as usual, is right. Iterasi's appeal seems irresistible.

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“Nery dabbles, as usual, on unfamiliar grounds.”

Hmm. A senator of the Republic is royally pissed off. In a Letter to the Editor published in the Inquirer yesterday, Joker Arroyo takes a swipe at both Neal Cruz and me, "two hacks-in-law of the Inquirer." It's a fun read.

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