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The year ended with some good news for this particular “hack-in-law.”’s compilation of the most-read op-ed pieces of 2008 online placed four of my columns in the Top 15: a complete surprise to me, and of course an absolute encouragement.

The four, as it happens, dealt with two of the biggest stories of the year: the NBN-ZTE scandal, and the triumphs of the best boxer in the world:

3. “Pacman’s English” (July 1, 2008 )
8. “How NOT to read Lozada’s testimony” (February 12, 2008 )
9. “Manny Pacquiao’s lesson in legitimacy” (March 18, 2008 )
14. “Why Neri refuses to talk” (February 19, 2008 )

Tracing the links just now, I realized one more thing these four columns have in common: They were all uploaded to this blog posthaste, within a day or two of publication. (Yes, I can take a hint.)


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