And speaking of filters…

I still cannot remember whether it was Roel Landingin or Exie Abola, or perhaps another friend, who told me, many years ago, to check out Arts & Letters Daily. The tip proved to be invaluable. I still read Arts & Letters Daily almost every day; it is the home page of my office computer.

It is true, though, that in many ways we read what we are inclined to read, even (or especially) on the Web. My own links these days (just to so-called mainstream media) include the following:

The New York Times (something I need to read off several computers, since I haven’t gotten around to subscribing). Still the indispensable first (and often final) source.

The Washington Post (something I’ve been reading closely again, after the New York Times put up its pay wall).

The Boston Globe (some very interesting finds, every now and then).

Washington Monthly, main for Steve Benen’s partisan but rigorous and fair take on US politics, in Political Animal.

Huffington Post (although I must say this reads better off the iPad than off the Web). A glorious mix of the must-read and must-avoid, but already a center of gravity for political junkies like me.

The New Republic, especially The Book and the political commentary of Jonathan Chait.

The Guardian (the best coverage of environmental issues, plus a thriving community of commenters and terrific photos — the last a very nice treat to indulge in on the iPad).

For Philippine news, the menu remains basically the same: the Inquirer, Newsbreak, ABS-CBN, GMA, occasionally the Star. I tried to add TV 5’s Interaksyon, but had to drop it because it takes too long to load.


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